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Aftab Sabz Technology
Kabul, Afghanistan,
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Aftab Sabz Technology provides the best quality products and services for customers to maintain their cars as well as possible.
We offer our great services for the customers as we have the installation package to install the GPS for them.

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Aftab Sabz Technology is a company that supplies great quality products and new technological products for customers to help them take care of their cars.

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Aftab Sabz Technology GPS: Clarify car location 24/7 with SMS, Application and Computer, Turn off the car while robbing with SMS, Application and Computer, Showing the car speed in the mobile application, computer and SMS, Warning in high speed in multiple emails, 24/7 tracking the cars in computer, Show the kilometer of driven distance, Can view car while driving lively on a mobile or computer, Record the recent ways of the car, Control the car speed, Sent any necessary type of reports and warnings in an Email, Sent car daily reports in an email, Can join your email with multiple emails to send reports in all of them, Receiving SMS when the battery wire power cuts, Can be aware of the car that is ON or OFF, Can make many sub-users by admin for one or multiple people and can manage multiple cars once, Usable in any type of cars, An internal battery to make GPS active for many hours if the car battery is removed, Can track by the admin and other users anytime, Warning and emergency button (by clicking this button inside the car, the car location will be sent to owner of phone number or Email or any other family member and transpose admin.

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